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Ghost Sword

Qingyuetang, the largest evil sect of the rivers and lakes in the Qingyuan, suddenly destroyed the door and slaughtered the night. The churchlor Lei Lie was sucked into a corpse, causing a sensation in the entire rivers and lakes. The rivers and lakes rumored that "the magic soldiers are coming back, the hail is stalking the soul; "Fan Brahma, the World Supreme" is said to be the Demon Souls.   The rivers and lakes suddenly disappeared for 20 years, and they received rumors that Yan Fengqing came to Qingyuan to find the whereabouts of the brothers who disappeared with the Soul Sword 20 years ago. The white-haired female thief Xuan Qing, the mysterious man with a mask, and the northwest Sanxiong and their director Cao Wuzhen, a fierce battle between the soul-swords of several people, eventually someone paid the price of life...

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Duration: 80 Menit

Quality:  FULL HD

Release Date: 01 June 2019